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I developed a passion for programming while in college studying game development, with my programming foundations rooted in C/C++ and C#. This all came together in my capstone project, Awakened, built with Unreal Engine 5. Since graduating, I've broadened my horizons to software and web development, having learned Python, JavaScript, and more. I also don't see myself stopping anytime soon either. My journey is far from over, and I'm excited to showcase my skills and start my full-time career.

Top Projects

picture of Task:Timer Title

Task:Timer is a Chrome extension that helps you have better time management. It uses the pomodoro technique to help you focus on your work.

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picture of Awakened Title

Awakened is a 3D puzzle adventure game. It was built with Unreal Engine 5. In game you play as Magnol, a anthropomorphic ram, who is on a quest to regain his memories and solve the mystery behind Nature's Curse.

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picture of C$50 Finance Title
C$50 Finance

This is a Web App created using Flask and Python. It allows you to buy, sell, and track your stocks. Using the Yahoo API it is able to get real world stock information.

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*Note: Money and transactions are fictional.



Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, C/C++, SQL, and Scratch

Tools and Frameworks

Git/Github, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, Unity, Linux, Windows, Bash, PowerShell, React, Firestore(NoSQL), Boostrap, Flask, NodeJS, and Express.js


Adobe Suite (i.e. Photoshop, etc.), Microsoft Office Suite (i.e. Word, etc.), Blender, and 3ds Max


Web Design, Game Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Lighting Design, and 3D Modeling

Soft Skills

Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Collaboration, and Adaptability

General and Other Skills

Software Development, Web Development, Game Development, Agile Development, Scrum, Teaching, Photography, Videography/Video Editing, PC Building, and Basic Auto Technology



picture of Task:Timer Title

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Framework: Bootstrap

Description: Task:Timer is a Chrome extension that helps with better time management. The extension allows you to set 2 consecutive timers. The first timer is the work timer, and the second timer is the break timer. Once both timers are set you can then start them. This method of working follows the Pomodoro Technique.

picture of Awakened Title

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

Genre: 3rd Person, Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration

Platform: Windows

Description: Awakened is a 3D puzzle adventure game where you play as Magnol, an anthropomorphic ram, who awakes to a world he doesn't remember. He is set on a quest to solve the mystery behind Nature's Curse and regain his lost memories. On this quest, you are not alone. Throughout the various maps, you will come upon Wisps that give you supernatural abilities to help solve puzzles to get through each level.

Contributions: Producer and Designer

*Contact me for greater details about my contributions page
picture of TADO Title

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Technologies & Frameworks: Firestore(NoSQL), Express.js, React, NodeJS

Description: TADO is a react-based webapp that is a to-do list that can be checked off, edited and deleted. It is made using the FERN stack. I wanted to create a full stack webapp and also learn react and thought making a to-do app would be a good project to be able to put it all together.

picture of C$50 Finance Title
C$50 Finance

Languages: HTML, CSS, Python, SQL

Frameworks: Flask and Bootstrap

Description: This is a finance app created using the Flask framework for Python. I worked on it while taking CS50x. It is a simple web app that allows you to create or log into an account. You can then look up a real-world stock price using Yahoo Finance API. In the web app, you can also buy, sell, and track your stock. All the information is stored in a SQL database and passwords are encrypted. None of the money and transactions are real it is a simple demonstration. The majority of the code was written by myself but parts of it were written by the CS50 team at Harvard.

GitHub Repo *Notes: This isn't a live web app, none of the money or transactions are real, this project is just a demonstration of my skills and educational purposes.
picture of Python Friends Sorter Title
CLI Friends Sorter

Languages: Python

Description: A Python CLI program that allows you to input a list of friends with an attribute and birthdate. It then outputs a new list with the friends' role in the friend group and their star sign. The idea for this project came about after having a heated argument with my friends about what role we all play in our friend group. At the time I was taking Harvard's CS50P course and was about to start my final project. So I decided why not make a Python CLI program that allows you to be able to sort your friends and even yourself.

GitHub Repo *Note: You will need python installed to run this program.
picture of Python Friends Sorter Title
Portfolio Website

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Framework: Boostrap

Description: I built this site you are on from the ground up using vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have added some additional libraries and frameworks to help build the site. The framework and libraries are Bootstrap, Lightbox 2, and Animate on Scroll. I am using Formspree to handle the contact form.

GitHub Repo
picture of Dorkmode for Visual Studio Code
Dorkmode for Visual Studio Code

Languages: JSON

Description: A Visual Studio Code dark theme. This theme was created because I really liked the GitHub Dark theme. Though as you may have guessed I had my own issues with the theme. I decided to recreate the theme into my own image. I used many of the same colors found in GitHub's theme but changed into something I find more appealing.

picture of Dorkmode for Chrome
Dorkmode for Chrome

Languages: JSON

Description: A Google Chrome theme for people who like it dark but don't want it black. Inspired by another theme I created for VS Code. Chrome is my preferred browser to use for surfing the web. But I never was a fan of its dark theme. It wasn't ever dark enough for me. I tried out some other dark themes, but even they didn't fully get the color I was looking for. So, after making my own VS Code theme, I thought, why not create one for Chrome? I even used the same name and palette. Thus Dorkmode-for-Chrome was born.

picture of Kojimachi Title

Engine: Godot

Genre: Pet Simulator, Widget Game

Platform: Windows, Linux

Description: Kojimachi is a widget-style pet game where you can feed and care for your pet on the island you decorate. You can play on your desktop or over other applications so you never miss a moment! Adopt and name your own unique pet. Care for your pet by feeding them, keeping them clean, and playing with them! The game is fully released and available on Steam right now.

Contributions: QA Tester, Markting Director, Web Designer

*Contact me for greater details about my contributions
picture of Major Major Mayhem Title
Major Major Mayhem

Engine: Unity

Genre: 2D, Puyo Puyo Fighting Game

Platform: Windows, WINNITRON

Description: In this exciting game, you will have the opportunity to experience life as a student at George Mason University and compete against other majors to determine who is the most successful. Choose from four unique characters, each representing a different major, and use your skills and knowledge to outshine your rivals. With engaging challenges and tasks to complete, you'll need to stay focused and on top of your game to come out on top. Will you emerge as the ultimate victor, or will another major claim the title? The choice is yours in this thrilling competition.

Contributions: Lighting Designer

*Contact me for greater details about my contributions page





I recently graduated with a
Bachelor's of Computer Game Design
from George Mason University.


CS50x Certificate

Gained January 2024

CS50x Certificate
CS50P Certificate

Gained September 2023

CS50P Certificate

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